About the Program

The UConn Native and Indigenous Students and Scholars Network (UNISSN) works to provide Native and Indigenous students in their first year at UConn with the connections and resources necessary to thrive while adapting to the new academic, extra-curricular, personal, and social challenges of college, including being away from your tribal community. We aim to build relationships between students and instill confidence in our mentees by pairing first-year and transfer Native and Indigenous students with continuing Native and Indigenous students who will serve as a resource for them during their first year at UConn. UNISSN will foster a community at the university where students can explore the campus, embrace their Indigeneity, and get involved.


Program goals:

Facilitate a successful transition to the university 

  1. Access to mentorship from fellow students.
  2. Access to information regarding extra-curricular opportunities, activities, and events.
  3. Access to networking opportunities with peers, staff, and faculty.

Support personal development among mentees 

  1. Instill confidence and empowerment in mentee’s Native/Indigenous identity and professional potential.
  2. Understand mentee’s values, interests, and strengths.
  3. Provide access to leadership opportunities.
  4. Provide opportunity for student personal and professional growth on campus and beyond.

Facilitate the professional development of mentors

  1. Provide experience in peer mentoring, program planning, event planning, and communication.
  2. Understand mentors' strengths and growth as a leader.

Access the UNISSN mentee interest form here (for Native and Indigenous first-year and transfer students).

Access the UNISSN mentor application here (for Native and Indigenous continuing students).

Please fill out the proper application above if you are interested in becoming a mentee or a mentor.

There is no deadline to participate, but for full participation and access, we recommend submitting your application before September 1st for priority consideration. Connections will be facilitated upon applications accepted on a rolling basis. We will do our best to connect students with similar profiles, programs of study, or similar interests, but will emphasize peer connection as the highest priority.

UConn offers many resources such as academic advising, tutoring, career advising, counseling, and more. While mentors can go through these resources with mentees, UNISSN is not meant to replace any of these services.

Please contact Samantha Gove at samantha.gove@uconn.edu with any additional questions.